Frequently asked questions

Q: I want to get married on Kauai, where do I start?

A: Scheduling a free consultation call with us is a great place to start. Before you do that, talk with your fiance and decide on what your are comfortable spending for your ceremony and reception. Put together an estimated guest list so you know about roughly how much you are comfortable spending and how many people you plan to invite. We can work with those numbers to help lead you in the right direction.

Q: What is the best beach to get married on in Kauai?

A: Generally we recommend beaches on the North and South side of Kauai. For beach ceremonies, we recommend choosing a beach on the same side of the island that you are staying.

Q. Will it rain on my wedding day?

A. There is always a possibility for rain. The south and west sides of the island tend to be a little less rainy than the north or northeast side of the island. Generally, June-September tend to be the driest months on Kauai but also the most humid and hottest.

Q. What are the best months to get married on Kauai?

A. If you absolutely want sun, then June-September is probably best but it is also high season for tourism. One of my favorite months in Hawaii is December because it can still be sunny but not as humid (sticky) as the summer months.

Q. What side of Kauai is the best to stay on?

A. I think all sides of Kauai have unique character that varies from location to location. Probably the most popular are Hanalei and Poipu. The west side of Kauai has a vintage charm and peaceful presence with many homes and places to stay (Waimea Plantation Cottages for example) being old plantation homes converted into places to stay. The best sunsets are on the west side as well. The east side has a lot of fun shops and restaurants as well as fun night-life such as Trees Lounge.

Q. What other activities can we do while we are on Kauai?

A. Immerse yourself in a number of different activities such as: boat tours, helicopter tours, horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, golfing, ziplining, shopping, spas, surfing, and hiking to name a few.

Q. What happens if one of my vendors cancels last moment?

A. We have you covered. With our extensive network of contacts on Kauai, there is a better chance we can call in backups than if you had chosen to plan your wedding yourself.

Q. Do you do other events besides weddings?

A. Yes. We have extensive experience in all kinds of events large and small, corporate or personal.

Q. What is required to book Legacy Events Kauai?

A. We require a signed contract and 50% non-refundable deposit.

Q. How do you price your services?

A. Each event is priced individually. Factors such as location, guest count and budget are taken into consideration and we are usually willing to work with you granted you are reasonable and have a reasonable budget for your event.

Q. Will Legacy Events Kauai coordinators be there on my wedding day?

A. Absolutely! We will most likely be the first on site and the last to leave just to make sure everything gets done according to plan.

Q. Will you be there at the rehearsal?

A. Yes- We are there to run your rehearsal for all rehearsals except beach weddings.

Q. Can you help us set up other events such as a welcome party or private luau?

A: You say when.