Wedding Planning Services

Initial Event Planning: Where to Start

You know you want to come to Kauai to get married but you are unsure about the rest of the details or where to even start. Let us help you come up with a plan that includes a list of venues suitable for your budget and style and an estimated budget to get you started.

Venue Research Help

We provide our clients with detailed information on Kauai venues that allow events and weddings. These venues include private estates, botanical gardens, hotels and restaurants. We make the personal effort to go see venues on Kauai and experience their ambiance, food and drinks to make sure we know exactly what they offer.

We Help You Stay in Budget

Tell us your budget and we will help keep you in budget throughout the planning process by presenting a spreadsheet of costs for you in real time and consulting with you on your vendor invoices. The budget spreadsheet will help you make better decisions to plan a beautiful wedding but stay within your goals.

Professional, Experienced Coordinators on Your Wedding Day

We are a team of professional and experienced coordinators that are committed to being there for you and serving you on your wedding day. We make sure everything that has been planned happens on your wedding day. We make sure all the small details are attended to, possible last minute problems are resolved and the vendors are provided detailed direction. We cue your ceremony when everyone is seated and in place. Our goal is for the bride and groom to have a beautiful, stress-free wedding day. Your wedding is about the experience leading up to the wedding as much as it is about the wedding day and we want to make sure both are spectacular.

Providing You Access to Our Lists of Preferred Vendors

Save hours of online research: we have already done the research and tried the products.  You won’t need to spend hours online searching for what you need because we will provide you lists of the best vendors Kauai has to offer. We know their policies, procedures and products to ensure a great product or experience with them. There is no need to gamble on hiring someone you are unsure about when you have us on your team.

Free, Personal Concierge Services

Legacy Events Kauai has a personal concierge that offers free booking services to all our clients and their guests. Our free personal concierge makes scheduling a group sunset boat tour along the Na Pali Coast or a helicopter ride to see Mount Waialeale easy and stress free!

Making Your Marriage License Appointment

And sending you all the info you need in one email. Are you coming from a foreign country? We can help with the Apostille process as well.

Running Your Rehearsal

For all weddings (except beach weddings), we will be on site on the agreed upon date and time to run your rehearsal. This not only gives the wedding party a sense of how it will visually look, but also a sense of timing.

Event Timelines

We provide a customized timeline for every event. This timeline specifically outlines when each activity should happen during the day of your event. Having everyone on the same well-written timeline ensures for a smooth, seamless event.

Event Layouts

For our events, we provide our clients with a detailed computer drawn layout of the reception. This gives everyone involved in planning a visual of the layout for proper set up execution.

Obtaining Your Beach Permit

We have professional liability insurance in place with the State of Hawaii, enabling us to go into their system and get a beach permit for you. Without this service, you would need to obtain your own liability insurance policy and also sign up with the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources to get a beach permit for your event.

Facilitating Your Vendor Needs

We are not in the business of up-selling products to you. Our goal is to make sure you have what you want and exactly what you need without pressure. We do all the emailing and phone calls with vendors to place accurate, clear orders with specific set-up, delivery, and strike times. We also confirm our vendors a week before the event to ensure that they have everything in place and ready to go.

Legacy Events Kauai is a One-Stop Shop for Your Wedding Questions

If you have questions about photography, catering, videography, hair and makeup services, venues, timelines, wedding design and needs, wouldn’t it be easier to ask just one person? We save you the hassle and time of reaching out to multiple vendors. We are here to make this a stress-free experience for you; ask us what you want to know!

Personal Errands and Deliveries

Can’t stand the thought of wasting your precious Kauai vacation time standing in line at Costco? Neither can we, therefore we offer a personal shopping, errand and delivery services.